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CWS/CMS Bulletin - Release 8.1 and Interim Release 8.1.0 Informational Bulletin

Date: 12/11/2017
Title: Release 8.1 and Interim Release 8.1.0 Informational Bulletin
What is Impacted: CWS/CMS Application
Describe Impact:

Release 8.1 and Interim Release 8.1.0 will be implemented on Saturday, January 6, 2018. 

Release 8.1 contains one (1) System Change Request (SCR) 8692 and is scheduled to implement the third phase of the Continuum of Care Reform (CCR) requirements.  This SCR includes eight (8) Requirements:

Requirement 10 - The system shall allow the user to record if the child’s Mental Health needs meet the definition of medical necessity as a part of the Intervention Plan, and included in the HEP.

Requirement 12 - Currently, the system stores the date of data entry when a Placement Episode is ended. The system shall not change this date after it has been recorded.

Requirement 15 – Eight (8) values shall be added to the list of Background Check Types. The Background checks grid shall be altered to allow the date requested and date received to be recorded, which may require some of the Background Check Types to be renamed.

Requirement 16 – In County License Case (CLC), multiple active license rows shall no longer require multiple application approved rows, unless the active license row follows an inactive license row.

Requirement 18 – For Resource Family Home (RFH), the system shall record the county that provided the initial CLC approval.

Requirement 20 - The system shall require license numbers for RFH to be unique across all CLCs regardless of license status, except when using the Process Placement Home Move function.

Requirement 21 - The Process Placement Home Move function shall process Foster Family Homes that populated from License Information System (LIS), Foster Family Agency Certified Homes (FFACH), Foster Family Agency Certified Resource Family Homes (FFACRFH), and Relative Homes. In addition, Process Placement Home move shall allow Foster Family Homes that populated from LIS, and Relative/NREFM Homes to create a new RFH. Process Placement Home move shall also accept a FFACH, or Relative/NREFM Home to create a new FFACRFH.

Requirement 22 - When a Placement Home record changes Placement Facility Type, the system shall record the history of changes to the Placement Facility Type, including dates. The system shall record the changes to this field whether the changes are user entered, or come from the LIS interface. The history of Placement Facility Type changes shall reside in a host-only entity, meaning that the information contained in the entity will not be visible in CWS/CMS applications such as Client Services and Resource Management.

Release 8.1.0 contains two (2) System Change Requests (SCR).

SCR 8663 –  Windows 10 (64-bit)/Office 2016 (32-bit) Migration (Warning Message Only)

As part of SCR 8663, the following message will start appearing on Windows 7 machines on March 5, 2018:

“Beginning with Release 8.2, CWS/CMS will not be supported on Windows 7.  Please update to 64-bit Windows 10 LTSB before April 21, 2018.”

SCR 8708 -  No longer default the Action Date in the Approval Detail dialog when ending a case (Set/Met)

The following information once available for R8.1 will be located behind County Logon>Code Release Secure Site>Release 8.1:

Release 8.1 > County Test Workshop/User Acceptance Testing (CTW/UAT)
R8.1 County Test Workshop Incident Status Report

Release 8.1>Release Notes 8.1:
CWS/CMS Application Release Notes 8.1

Release 8.1>Presentations:
Release 8.1 Sprint Review Demo

Release 8.1>Guides:
R8.1 County Test Workshop – User Guide

Release 8.1>Interim Release 8.1.0:
R8.1.0 Interim Release Details (Updated 12-5-17)

Release 8.1 > Database Changes
R8.1 Database Structure Changes

Database Changes:

R8.1 Data Structure Changes
Business Objects Mappings 8.1
Charts-Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)
Index-Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD)
Folded Keys

When: January 6, 2018
Start Time: N/A
End Time: N/A
Duration: N/A

Who is Impacted: All CWS/CMS Users
Why: Information Sharing

Contact Name: CWDS Customer Relations
Contact Email: CWS_CustRel@osi.ca.gov
Contact Phone: (000) 000-0000