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CWS/CMS Bulletin - Release 8.3 and Interim Release 8.3.0 (30 Day) Bulletin

Date: 6/14/2018
Title: Release 8.3 and Interim Release 8.3.0 (30 Day) Bulletin
What is Impacted: CWS/CMS Application
Describe Impact:

Release 8.3 and Interim Release 8.3.0 will be implemented on Saturday, July 21, 2018. 

Release 8.3 contains 3 SCRs 8717, 8683, and 8658.  SCR 8717 includes four (4) Requirements, SCR 8683 includes four (4) Requirements, and SCR 8658 includes one (1) Requirement:

SCR 8717 – Data Collection of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) Phase 2

Requirement 1 - In Resource Management, the Placement Home Characteristics and Preferences Group Home Characteristics Gender Preference frames, as well as the County License Case Characteristics Licensed for Gender frame, shall be updated to allow the selection of multiple values. Additionally, these areas shall be modified to ensure that all client ‘Sex at Birth’ values, with the exception of ‘Unknown’ are available for selection.

Requirement 2 - Up to ten (10) new values shall be added to a new frame to capture Gender Identity (GI) and shall be added to the Placement Home Characteristics and Preferences, Group Home Characteristics, and County License Case Characteristics pages.

Requirement 3 - In Client Services, the Placement Facility Match search criterion shall allow multiple gender preference values to be selected.

Requirement 4 - In Client Services, the Placement Facility Match search criteria shall be updated to include Gender Identity (GI).


SCR 8683 – Add Special Project Page to Client Notebook

Requirement 1 - A Special Projects page shall be added to the Client notebook. The page shall be modeled after the special projects page in the Case notebook.

Requirement 2 – The Special Projects page in the Client notebook shall be allowed for all clients.

Requirement 3 - The Special Projects row in the Client notebook shall be end dated when the last Case or Referral that the client is in closes.

Requirement 4 - When a case or referral is reopened, do not remove the end date of the Special Projects row(s) in the Client notebook. The end date shall be editable.

SCR 8658 – Update SAWS 1 to 8/13 version

Requirement 1 –   The outdated version below shall be updated to the August 2013 version:
SAWS 1 (Initial Application For CalFresh, Cash Aid, And/Or Medi-cal/Health Care Programs)

Release 8.3.0 contains two (2) SCRs 8726 and 8727.  SCR 8726 includes three (3) Requirements, and SCR 8727 includes four (4) Requirements:

SCR 8726 – Improve Help Text regarding CLC Privilege and Hold Status

Requirement 1 – The County License Case Management help topic shall be updated to reflect how the privilege affects the Placement Home Hold Status page.

Requirement 2 - The Hold Status Page help topic shall be updated to correct the reference to “County License Case authority”.

Requirement 3 - Existing functionality in RoboHelp shall be leveraged to automate the review of changes to the CWS/CMS help text.


SCR 8727 –  Avoid frequent issues with Contact entry

Requirement 1 - Upon returning to the Contact, Associated Services, or Associated Visits page of the Contact notebook after receiving the App 29962 "Complete all mandatory fields" message, an informative label shall be displayed when two (2) or more missing mandatory fields are present.

Requirement 2 - Once displayed on the Contact, Associated Services, or Associated Visits page, the informative label shall disappear when only one (1) missing mandatory field remains on the page.

Requirement 3 - Contacts without an End Date shall be displayed using a periwinkle background in the Open Notebook – Contact, Open This Contact grid.

Requirement 4 - The Contact page of the Contact notebook shall be updated to automatically clear the Contact Party Type grid when the last Participant has been removed from the Contact.


The following information once available for R8.3 will be located behind County Logon>Code Release Secure Site>Release 8.3:

Database Changes

Release 8.3>County Test Workshop/User Acceptance Testing (CTW/UAT:
R8.3 Incident Status Report (Pending)

Please note: The R8.3 Release Notes are as of 6/11/2018 and are subject to change.  Revisions will be sent out with future bulletins.

Coexistent county CWSCMS.MSI file availability:

The CWSCMS.MSI file will be available by Wednesday, July 11, 2018 for technical staff to begin testing the installation of the release.  The code will be located on the CWSDFSr share in the following location:

  •  \CODEDIST\Staging\R8.3


Dedicated County CWSCMS.MSI file delivery:

By Wednesday, July 11, 2018 dedicated county users should start seeing the CWSCMS.MSI file copied to their workstations during Windows logon.  Technical staff can verify that they have received the file by checking for its presence in the C:\CACW\R8.3 folder.  This file must exist on the workstation for the installation of Release 8.3 to take place on or after July 21, 2018.

When: July 21, 2018
Start Time: TBD
End Time: TBD
Duration: TBD

Who is Impacted: All CWS/CMS Users
Why: Information Sharing

Contact Name: Customer Relations
Contact Email: CWS_CustRel@osi.ca.gov
Contact Phone: