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CWS/CMS Bulletin - Interim Release 8.5.1 Informational Bulletin

Date: 2/8/2019
Title: Interim Release 8.5.1 Informational Bulletin
What is Impacted: CWS/CMS Application
Describe Impact:

On Wednesday, February 13, 2019, Interim Release 8.5.1 deployment package will be delivered to the CWS/CMS Application to fix the following issue:

Service Provider name disappears upon loading an Associated Service connected with a Well Child Exam.

Problem Description:

The symptom appears only when viewing an Associated Service that is connected with a Well Child Exam. When viewing such an Associated Service, the Service Provider name does not display in the Provider frame on the Associated Services page, although it has been saved successfully to the database. The fact that the Service Provider name disappears gives the false impression that it was not saved.


The application has been corrected to display the Service Provider connected with the Associated Service.

CWS/CMS Users please note:

  • It is strongly recommended that the user log off the application each night to ensure that they are working with the latest version of the application.
  • It is recommended that the install of Interim Release 8.5.1 occur via the office network, as opposed to a remote connection.
  • Contact your County Support Staff to confirm that the correct version has been delivered to the workstation.
  • Users that are logged onto the system when the release arrives will not be using the new code at their workstation.
  • Like major releases, Interim Release 8.5.1 will be using a full installation package. There is no outage.

Please note that there will be no outage.

Down-Level Workstations:

To continue using CWS/CMS, all workstations must be brought up-to-date with Release 8.5.1 before February 28, 2019.

On workstations that do not yet have Release 8.5.1, appropriate messages will appear after the user clicks OK on the CWS/CMS Control Panel Logon dialog. The messages are shown below.

Starting Thursday, February 14, 2019, this message will be shown with a yellow Warning icon:

[Rule 10008]
Updates for CWS/CMS Release 8.5.1 are available. To receive them, please restart the workstation (or follow county-specific procedures). If this workstation is not updated by 2/28/19, access will be denied.

Starting Thursday, February 28, 2019, this variation of the message will be shown with a red Error icon:

[Rule 10007]
Updates for CWS/CMS Release 8.5.1 are available. To receive them, please restart the workstation (or follow county-specific procedures). Access is denied.

Coexistent county CWSCMS.MSI file availability:

The CWSCMS.MSI file will be available by 8:00AM Monday, February 11, 2019 for technical staff to begin testing the installation of the release. The code will be located on the CWSDFSr share in the following location:


Distribute the release through the normal county process. Coexistent counties should plan to deploy the update at their earliest opportunity after 6:00PM on Wednesday, February 13, 2019.

Dedicated county CWSCMS.MSI file delivery:

Release 8.5.1 will be installed automatically via normal release deployment process. Beginning Tuesday, February 12, 2019, the Release 8.5.1 CWSCMS.MSI file will be copied to dedicated county workstations via the login script.

For best results the users should do the following on Wednesday, February 13, 2019:

  1. Reboot the workstation and log into Windows at least once to receive the Release 8.5.1 installer.
  2. When leaving the office at the end of that day, reboot the workstation again but do not log into Windows.
  3. Leave the workstation powered on so that automatic installation can occur overnight.

When: Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Start Time: 6:00 PM
End Time: 10:00 PM
Duration: Four (4) Hours

Who is Impacted: CWS/CMS Users
Why: New code delivery. To resolve issues related to Master ticket IN11098467 (Code will be delivered some time during this window. There will be no outage).

Contact Name: CWDS Customer Relations
Contact Email: CWS_CustRel@osi.ca.gov
Contact Phone: