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Business Process Model

The Customer Relations Section of the Child Welfare Services Case Management System is pleased to introduce the CWS/CMS Business Process Model web page.

Counties now have the opportunity to share their successful Business Process Models with the rest of the State. The sharing of Business Process Models is voluntary and it is up to the counties themselves to define if their various Business Process Models are successful. Your County SSC is ready and available to assist in recording your processes and converting them into the standard approved format (Visio) for posting to the web-site.

A Business Process Model is a graphic presentation of the way a county has effectively processed work on CWS/CMS. We will sort the Business Process Models we receive into the following categories. Please take the time to review the Visio Legend and then return to browse through the available Business Process Models by clicking on the "X" in the category you would like to view.

Categories County
Small Medium Large
Screening and Intake   X  
Referral Investigation X X  
Court   X  
Case Plan X   X
Placement X    
Assigning and Transferring Cases      
Resource Management      
Authorities and Privileges      
Program Management      
Supervisory Approvals      
Updating Service Components      

Again, we strongly urge you to participate in this effort - sharing your successful business processes will give all counties a wide range of ideas for successful integration of CWS/CMS in the provision of effective social services.

Please feel free to e-mail your comments to CWS/CMS Customer Relations at CWS_CustRel@osi.ca.gov or provide them to your System Support Consultant (SSC).