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About Us

CWS/CMS is a result of Chapter 1294, Statutes of 1989, Senate Bill 370. SB 370 required the development of a statewide computer system to automate the functions of county child welfare offices. The CWS/CMS system automates many of the tasks that county workers had to perform routinely and often manually. CWS/CMS allows for a centralized statewide system that allows State or county child welfare workers to share information on child abuse cases.

County conversion to CWS/CMS began in January, 1997. On December 31, 1997, all 58 counties were online and accessing CWS/CMS.

Vision Statement

The CWS/CMS is a statewide tool that supports an effective Child Welfare System of services. The CWS/CMS improves the lives of children and families by giving service workers information to improve case work services and freeing them from repetitive tasks; provides policy makers with information to design and manage services; and fulfill State and Federal legislative intent.